Category: Random Poetry

Counting Words

(A poem (?) in thirty words.)
Orwell prophesied a future
where words would be rationed, "very" 😉
Which classic was written counting words?
Words are beautiful, harmless yet powerful,
Why curb their flow, why hold them back?

What do you miss?

Moonlight pours in through the wooden window,

the night follows the lit path inside, they sit

on my closed eyelids, I sleep, peacefully, there.

Then, I am asleep like a baby, here.

One afternoon

“I walked back from lunch,
crossed the street without a second thought,
and was humming a Hindi song when,
just like that, out of nowhere,
it snowed.”


‘It is hard for me to picturise
the orange of the fire
winning over the deep red of blood.
In the world of colours, I believe,
it happens the other way around.’